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RATE MY IGLOO PLEASE! February 23, 2007

Posted by Cool Boy AL in Igloo, Pics!.

My Igloo!Click To Enlarge!



1. Fylliper - February 24, 2007

8 but it’s blurry and a bit crowded but thats just my opinion.

Chyah, Fylliper.

2. 99coolj - February 24, 2007

Why’d ya take the pic with a Digital Camera?

Visit 99coolj.wordpress.com today!
Leader of CPCM
~99coolj~ 😉

3. 99coolj - February 24, 2007

Why’d ya take the pic with a Digital Camera?

Visit 99coolj.wordpress.com today!
Leader of CPCM
~99coolj~ 😉

4. snappyguy928 - February 25, 2007

even though i can only just make out the pic it is still pretty cool (and expensive)
~~~ 8) A very blind Snappyguy928 8) ~~~

5. jgw310 - February 25, 2007

i give it about a 7 and a half. its too blurry to rate it any higher!!
e-mail me at Buschstadium310@hotmail.com if u want me to take clear pictures for u!! just check out my site, http://clubpen.wordpress.com and u will see that i have sooooooooooooooooper clear pictures!! just e-mail me with you name and password and i will take a couple of what ever u want!!

6. mr pinto - February 26, 2007

its ok but you should print it and the scan it

stay BALLIN~~8)

7. mr pinto - February 26, 2007

stay ballin sry~~~ 8)

8. Fylliper - March 9, 2007


9. doggyshell - March 16, 2007

8 but it’s blurry so i couldn’t see everything. pretty good. I’m not a member though. my parents wont pay for it.

10. Fylliper - March 20, 2007


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13. j45baseball2 - June 27, 2007

i’ll give it a 7 because its blurry and crowded. Note: if you have a mac computer you can take a picture useing apple shift four!!!
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14. Visitor931 - July 15, 2007

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15. Visitor513 - July 15, 2007

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16. markofando - October 1, 2007

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17. DDT-WEBKINZ - October 22, 2007

Control of information is hugely powerful. In the US, the threat is that companies control what I can access for commercial reasons. (In China, control is by the government for political reasons.) There is a very strong short-term incentive for a company to grab control of TV distribution over the Internet even though it is against the long-term interests of the industry.

18. DDT-MODELS - October 29, 2007

I thought that the WTO would be a good start for transforming the process of government at least across national borders. I quite like the idea of using the secretariat of a sort of open source world government at least for a very specific and complicated issue which needs many brains to provide a solution.

19. bob - January 15, 2008

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