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CPSM! March 8, 2007

Posted by Cool Boy AL in Club.

CPMS! Is brand new, a club that me, biopy, and a little bit of Japanese Guy started and if u want to join go to the club’s homepage on my site or go to osspsa.wordpress.com and it over there! More info check out the homepages!



1. cherry1 - March 9, 2007

hey!! you asked on my site if i wanted to be buds with you, id love too!! can you tell me the place, time (clubpenguin time aka pacific time) server, and country is that all? lol) can you try to do it after sunday, thnx.

visit cherry1.wordpress.com now! (not any later)

2. cpzrocks - March 10, 2007

cool boy its me cpzrocks! u where in town last night in an european server, right? town was full i was waiting to get to town i was in the snow forts! u met rockhopper, right? i wanted to meet him so bad, but i couldn’t get to town. 😥

3. snappyguy928 - March 13, 2007

whats their sites?

4. Cool Boy AL - March 13, 2007

osspsa.wordpress.com and japanese guy doesnt have 1

5. doggyshell - April 11, 2007

hey. it’s me michelle. can i join cpsm? why was it only a little of tyler / japanese guy?

6. doggyshell - April 11, 2007

i know that i suck at typing at times. sry.

7. danielle - June 8, 2007

hey how do u join-dmw1995

8. Cool Boy AL - June 8, 2007

go to club page!

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