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U-IN July 7, 2007

Posted by Cool Boy AL in U-IN.

Hey, if i left u a comment this is where u need to response ur answer. I only left the comment on 9 peoples wordpress for something but if i didnt theres reasons I have to explain later but keep checking this site because were making a new one and its gonna rock, and I’ll give u a new URL when were done!!!!!

8) Keep It Real 8)
~Cool Boy AL~



1. Graser10 - July 7, 2007


I’m in! I got removed from her site to. How’d you know?

On Vacation! 8)

2. ugaboi - July 7, 2007

Uhm, sure…

3. Cool Boy AL - July 7, 2007

dang u guys respond fast

4. nalydpenguin - July 7, 2007

i’m in. is this site like against holagurrl?

5. Cool Boy AL - July 7, 2007

no, its just for fun because we all got r3emoved to show her that we dont need to be on her site just to post our good ideas but were still not against her.

6. aarondevos - July 7, 2007

Sure i’m in

7. shoppinglovr - July 8, 2007


Im in~
Thanks so much.
Luv Ya

PS- I like the idea for the site!

8. stangman601 - July 8, 2007

i got cut to i half own shoppinglovrs site if you say its alright im in

9. dirkdclubpenguin - July 8, 2007
10. Graser10 - July 8, 2007


You made me an author?!


On Vacation! 8)

11. stangman601 - July 8, 2007

due what the heck what happen to writers of cp??

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