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About Me

Me!I am a member on Club Penguin. I’m on all servers where my friends are. I know some popular people. I have skills for a lot of coins. My name is really Cool Boy AL on club penguin. But i could hook you guys up with some secrets, hints, and cheats. All you need to do is leave me thme in the comments and i will try to find the answer for them.

-Cool Boy AL



1. dancemover46 - December 29, 2006

how do u become a ninga and how do u become a moderater and how do u tip the ice berg

2. Cool Boy AL - January 28, 2007

ninja 2 late. ice berg can’t yet. moderator, ? no one really no’s.

3. Dream here - February 3, 2007

I think I’m going to be a ninja!!!!!!!!Well, I hope i am!!!

4. Dream here - February 3, 2007


5. David - February 19, 2007

me wierd! i hate myself!

6. soccerdudes - February 26, 2007

i posted that, i am now getting myself mad because my friend turned on me like i turned on him!

7. Fylliper - March 20, 2007

About me:
Name- fylliper
Age on cp- 215 days
I like newspaper hat
I like the iceberg

8. doggyshell - March 21, 2007

i posted that, i am now getting myself mad because my friend turned on me like i turned on him!

well, that’s what you get…

9. hiiii - April 10, 2007


10. ninja boy1 - June 30, 2007

hi wats up
yo cool boy
how about me and u co-porate by add each others to our blogroll
my we is http://www.ninjaboy1.wordpress.com

11. ninja boy1 - June 30, 2007

i accepted wat u said now add me

12. 17rs - July 25, 2007

Hi How do you become a moderator my freind is one but he said it just happend!!

13. im not telling ya my name - August 3, 2007

A: ninjas may come out with disney

B: you can become a moderator by selecting age 18 + when you join CP

C: ice berg tipping is probably not possible, youtube videos are hoaxes.

D: im 315 days old 8)

14. uncle mat - August 3, 2007

i am a moderater

15. uncle mat - August 3, 2007

i go on mamoth a lot

16. Roo Striker - August 8, 2007

lmao. its simple to eb a mod. u just select become a mmoderator on top right screen! and answer the questions on how they would want u to be lol! anyway my penguin is 70 days old add em its roo striker =p

17. not telling - August 9, 2007

yo peeps

18. my penguin i 101jedi - August 11, 2007

how can i be a moderator?????????? plezz tell me

19. YAYA - August 18, 2007

about me

20. mikeambrose3 - September 7, 2007

Cool Boy AL, you know pengi right? i used to know him but now i dont because i got banned and all, tell him that im Cpdudez, his old freind. Thanks,

21. Coolio girl - September 19, 2007

Yo Im like sooo mad right now I got permanatly banned is there anyway I can transfor my memebership to my new penguin?

22. aboy99 - September 22, 2007

I got Banned and i hacked into Rockhoper

23. B0Y - October 4, 2007


24. B0Y - October 4, 2007


25. nike - October 28, 2007

hey i no how 2 tip da iceberg and becum a moderater and get urself unbanned so if u wanna no any of those thingz ill tell u e-mail me at

and u can also contact me on my site here it is :

bye and i luv cp

26. nike - October 28, 2007

u guyz rok

27. dddd - March 26, 2008

i wont to meet rockhopper

28. igirlz - April 13, 2008

cool site

29. daisyZzz6 - April 28, 2008

thanks for you comments .

i know rockhoppers password its manater.

30. Anonymous - July 13, 2012

log off your penguin
2. press F12 4 times
3. post this onto 5 different places
4. log back onto clubpenguin
5. you can do everything you ever wanted to do and you’ll
have 50,000,000 coins for your free 5 year membership

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