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I really had to say this and plz read June 7, 2007

Posted by Cool Boy AL in SRY.

Well, in the past few days I have put pics on my site and everything and been getting back up in the game but there has been one bad thing. I used to feel like I loved club penguin and would always go on every chance I had, but These past few days havbe been crazy for me, I have gotten in to a fight with Snappyguy928 who used to be my #1 friend on wordpress but I dont even no what happened to me. So I hope by reading this you guys wil understand of all the stuff im going through and why im always late, busy, and I just needed to say this out loud right now, oh and im sorry Snappyguy928, it was kind f my fault about the whole fight thing and I was wondering if we can still b friends and please coomment below!

~~ By a very un-decided, hoping , stressed out, Cool Boy AL ~~


Sry Not posting doing videos coming soon! May 21, 2007

Posted by Cool Boy AL in SRY.

Hey guys Im sry I Havent beenb posting I have just been forgetting becuz of this awesome movie im working on well guess what its almost done, oh and by the way for now on I will b posting again and as soon as i am done with the vid i will post it on here!